[SOLD] WTS Carrier/Super Queen - 33.7m SP ❤

Looking to sell myself, a dedicated carrier toon with little wasted skills.

In NPC corp, Located in Jita 4-4

Notable mentions:

Fighter V
Caldari Carrier V
Gallente Carrier IV
Most shield skills V

Heavy Fighters IV
Light Fighters IV (days away from V)
Support Fighters IV
(Note: T2 fighters can be used at IV)

Biology + Cybernetics V
Most Armour skills at IV
All Drone related skills for fighters V
Shield Command Specialist V
Most Engineering Skills V
Thermodynamic V

Have 3 implant sets all located in Jita 4-4:

Full HG Nirvana Set
Full HG Crystal Set
Full +5 training Set

Make your offer on a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Buyout 40b or best offer.

20B offer

I could give a 26b offer.

28B offer

30b offer

Thanks for the interest guys

Current highest offer is 32b through private mail.

Still open to bids or offers :slight_smile:

SOLD to @godlike62_Geng for a privately negotiated price via in game mails.

Isk recieved and transfer has been initiated to nominated account.

Thanks for buying me and I hope you look after me <3

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