SOLD WTS Cyber5 with implants 5.3m miner 6 hours to Orca

I was training this character t be an orca miner (all injected already) but yesterday i purchase other pilot already suited for that.

He can use orca in One day.

Is in high sec, positive wallet, no killing rights. all ccp rules apply.

if interested answer the thread not reading eve mail.

2b offer for this character

2b5 offer

3.5 bil offer

3.5b offer accepted, send the isk and account nd i transfer.

I have never done a transfer off the bazaar. I send the money and the mail to the character I am buying, right?

yes, is right.

the account name is he one you use to login in sites, no the name of your character…

Edit : character available, the buyer instead purchasing me a exhumer toon.

How much time to sit in an Orca ?

Aprox 5-6 Hours , he turned to alpha alredy.

Pilot is available

4b b/o, i can send first thing in the morning USTZ

Offer accepted.

Sent the isk and account name and i transfer. Please update the thread when do so.

isk and info sent

transfer done, pleanse anwer the thread when you receive the ccp eve mail.

received an email

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