SOLD WTS DST with high caldari Navy 6m

Hi, i am selling this pilot :

As you can see he have

Caldari Navy 8.6239


Caldari State 6.8764 (faction)

Basically he can use IMPEL and procurer, and have cyber v with implants for the current 2700.

He have 5.95m and 250k points unused.

No kill rights, is in high sec, positive wallet, etc. Please answer the thread, i am not checking the evemail.

I am for sale.

Any remaps? Posted standings are after social skills modification?

No, are before social skills

1000019 Ishukone Corporation 7.39
1000020 Lai Dai Corporation 8.12
1000027 Expert Housing 6.27
1000035 Caldari Navy 8.62
10000151 Khanid Innovation 9.82
1000156 Royal Khanid Navy 10.00

Not remaps, until sep 2018

today bump

6 b/o valid 12h

accepted, send the isk and acc name and i deliver.

Transfer done, sorry for delay, i only see the isk now because the thred was not updated.
You must receive the mail shortly.

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