SOLD WTS Brian Jagi 5.2M SP

capital ships, and caldari dreadnought skill books injected
remaped to Int and memory

positive isk balance, hi-sec. +4 implants in Intelligence and Memory

update: just witched to npc corp in hisec as of 4/18/2019

Can’t seems to find the skill

srry about that. I thought I had it. I changed my post to reflect that


I can offer you 4.5b for the pilot.

If nterested answer the thread, i dont think you can get better than it.

I guess that’s going to work
send me an evemail with your info and stuff. I Assume you know how this works. I pay the fee as well

isk and acount sent

kk leme know if you don’t get the toon. either thru this, or an evemail to Brian Dugaule, my other toon.

Received the CCP mail, thanks.

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