WTS 5mil PI/Transport Char (skill extracted carrier pilot)


has good PI skills
can fly caldari transports
got skills to fly carriers (except spaceship skills) and scanning
positive wallet, no kill rights, no jump clone, located in jita
has +5 implants and 2 bonus remaps avaiable (normal remap on CD)
character has no history, was in station all day long

starting bid 3b
b/o 4b

Well, you have not the carrier books but yes the fighters books.

Because you have implants, i can offer you 4.2b, is a good price for the char, and is because have somethin i need. I dont think you can get the 5b.

well its never bad to reach for the stars :slight_smile:

i will consider the offer but for now i will let the auction run a little.


Offer Retracted

already get the items i needed . By the way the price of the fighters books are less than 300 millions (125m each), then i get the same purchasing the books to other character. I was seeking other thngs in the char, BTW

Good luck with your sale.






3b offer. ISK ready if you want to take it right away btw. :slight_smile:

4Bil buyout

4bo accepted send info to start transfer

Isk and a/c sent!



got the isk, char is on your way

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