[Sold] WTS entire Muninn Fleet + Logi + Support + Fits (No rigs) - Jita 4-4

Located in Jita 4-4

  • 119 Muninns
  • 30 Scimitars
  • 10 Huginns
  • 10 Lokis
  • 2 Monitors
  • Along with fittings for all/most the ships

Want to sell it as a bundle. Taking offers below or via in-game mail. Will sell to the most reasonable offer.

Offer sent via mail

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Muninns are so in right now. Come get yours!

how much for all?

Im interested. 37bill.

As mentioned in the OP I’m taking offers. Serious offers only.
I’ll let offers run for the rest of the weekend and then sell it to whoever’s offer I like.

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