SOLD WTS Female Orca DST six planets 5.5m at 3.3b

Hi, this account pass to Alpha today.

  • I am 12 hours to be Gallente Industrial V, then if u put the book i can DST
  • Can sit in an Orca
  • Six planets.

Was used in a wormhole as base

Because you can extract an injector right now, and an injector is around 3, my price is 3.3b , i dont accept less.

Is in high sec, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply, if interested answer rtthe thread

Saturday Bump

I am available. Go to train five days moree to get gallente industrial command IV, and go to alpha. If interested answer here.

Hey, ill take it, message me ingame when you are around

i am online, sent the isk and account name, answer the thread and i transfer. I sent you an eve mail, go for mi daughter to the school but i can transfer to you in 20 minutes i am AFK but return soon.

ISK sent, account to transfer in mail.

Transfer done, please update the thread when you receive the eve mail.


transfer received and currently processing


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