SOLD - Wts focused nyx/thanny pilot

hi all.

just extracted non essential skills from a combat alt i dont use. The remaining skills are specifically for the thanatos/nyx

character has a full set of high grade slaves with 5% implants as well as a spare set of mid grade slaves as you can see through the eveskillboard link

character is in highsec



26.5 Buyout


30bil bo

31B BO


33B B0


35B My highest bid


36B B/O


hi all.

i was hoping to get bid closer to 40bil but if i get to 38bil i will accept as a buyout today

i am active most of the day today


37bil effectively bid within 30 minutes if accepted please contact me in the game.

Ive got a six pack of Canadian beer, a used liver - seen better days, a pocket of drier lint, 5$, 3 of my sisters Barbie dolls still with razor blades in their necks, and a I will raise you 150 isk, dear sir!

38b in game now and for the next few hours

Isk liquid and ready

accepted… send 38bil and account info to me please

So I didn’t see you online in game