[SOLD] WTS Focused Titan/Dreadnaught pilot


Selling titan toon, I do not need it anymore.

Some highlights:

  • cybernetics V
  • nice shield skills
  • nice capacitor and engineering skills
  • JDC V
  • JFC IV
  • Can also fly a Falcon and light a cyno
  • Doomsday operation and Rapid firing lvl 4
  • Excellent gunnery skills
  • Capital canons t2, both autocannons and artillery with spec lvl 4
  • Mimnatar titan lvl 4
  • Minmatar Dread lvl 4
  • Cam fly caldari interceptor, cov ops.

Located at Amarr with full set of Shield imps for a Ragna

The character was specially trained for a Ragnarok class titan and than for a Naglfar

All CCP rules applied, the isks balance is positive, no killrights , NPC corp

I will pay for a transfer.

Please make me an offer, looking for 20 b at least.
You can also sent a message me ingame or ask at this thread if u have any questions

20 bil

I can do 21B

Well let it be 21b,

Offer is accepted.

Please sent me isks and account name where to send this toon.

Isk and account info sent.

Isks received, transfer started.

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