SOLD WTS Gal/Min Puller 5m orca porpoise

Hi, Inactive seller here.

I purchase this pilot one month ago, at 4b, i am seeking same.

Can fly porpoise and orca, is in high sec, can pull all gallente minmatar 4 missions. Was an FW Pilot and maybe cn use locator agents, but remember a high FW pilot sometimes is attacked in other side ( anyway i raise Diplomacy to V )

Pilot is in Hek, one clone in Fountain NPC area, no kill rights, positive wallet all ccp rules apply.

Answer the thread i am not reading evemail

4b b/o

4b b/o, confirm and I can send ISK

4b? if its still for sale…

actually scratch that i just bought another one sorry… goodluck selling.

Is available, @Talie send the isk and i deliver.

ISK sent, will PM account

Pilot delivered, please confirm when you receive the mail of the transfer.


Enjoy, fly safe.

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