[SOLD] WTS Industrial Pilot Hulk Capablet 20M SP

No kill rights
Currently in Higbh Sec and Tintoh Star System
No negative wallet.
Come with some implants.

I will receive the ISK in this character.
BuyOut: 18Billions


not a perfect hulk nor industrial pilot. does not have mining skills to use any of the T1 and T2 crystals. also, drone skills are pretty bad as well. far from good and needs further training to become a good hulk miner and industrialist pilot.

with that said, i’ll offer 13 bil

15billion i pay the transfer no less

14b buy out

ok lets do it for 14billions. send money to Lynn Chen and tell me the account name where i have to transfer the character.


13bil i buy. can transfer isk right now

Hi Lynn Chen, I can offer 14B, can trade now isk ready. Please confirm here and I will send you the isk and account name now.

Ok 14billions, kubobo. send isk to lynn chen and tell me account name

isk and account name sent ingame mail. thanks

DONE. Charafter trasferred just now.

Will received, thanks.

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