(SOLD) WTS - Indy Toon (14m SP)

Looking to sell Indy Toon

  • Will be sold with Sec status positive.
  • Will be sold with Wallet positive.
  • Will be in NPC corp in Jita at time of sale
  • Will be sold with No kill rights

Pilot Link

Open to reasonable offers.


The Charakter you are Selling here, has to confirm with his own Forumsaccount that he is for sale .

I’m for sale

6b. Missing some skills I wanted.

6.2b offer

6.5b offer

@MoonMoon lets talk, happy to accept 6.5b

6.6 offer

@Vinny_DaMini Accepted, please complete information and funds transfer and once received will progress transfer. Won’t be for about 12 hours…

@MoonMoon Sorry but given that there was no response in the last day I will take @Vinny_DaMini offer.


For now I’m fly from aus to Singapore, will try to get to you as soon as possible, would not be longer than 24hours

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Sorry for delay, still want to sell this char? isk on hand


Transferred done, sorry for the delay in responding was AFK for a few days.

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