WTS 13.8m Indy/All Around Toon (SOLD)

As the title says i am selling this toon, she has some indy support skills as well as a lot of the Magic 14 skills already trained to lvl 5 as you can see. Can also fly a T2 Caldari Industrials and can also use some T2 small and large weapons, fly Amarr inty’s/AF’s.


  • I just left corp, not sure if it has updated on eveskillboard but you can see in-game that i am in starter corp.
  • Toon is located in Perimeter
  • Has positive wallet
  • No Kill Rights
  • 1 Bonus Remap Available
  • No Jump Clones
  • This toon will be recieving isk as per CCP rules
  • I will only take bids on this forum post please

I am looking for 10b obo.

5.6 billion

sorry i can get more by just extracting the skills.


8b rdy

8b offer accepted. send isk and account info to toon and i will begin transfer.

isk and acc info sent

Character Transferred. Thank You.

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