SOLD - WTS Main char 58M SP used for Abyssal/Scanning/PVE/PVP

Selling MAIN Character with 58M SP

Born in 2014

ALL lvl5 Skills for Abyssal FiT Gila (T5 and T6 capable char with implants)

  • 2 sets of Mid-Grade Crystal implant sets included (Clones in Jita and Litom)
    Close to perfect Scanning skills
    PI skills at lvl4
    Close to perfect Drone skills (All Specializations)
    Can fly a lot of T2 ships
    Can fly lot of null warfare doctrines
    269 ship SKINs

Currently :
In NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
Located in Jita 4-4
No Kill rights

B/O 50B

43 mil

44 bil






50B sounds good to me. Sold?

Send info and ISK for transfer bro, and will start it ASAP!

Info and Isk is sent your way.

Character transfer started at Eve Time : 10:31
Fly Safe

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Character Received, can be considered closed. Pleasure doing business.

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