WTS 74M Subcap Specialist PVP/PVE + 2.3M Free SP

PVP/PVE Subcap specialist, can fly most ships, many of them perfectly. Perfect Tengu/Gila. Prints isk in abyssals. 2.3M free SP so you can pretty much skill into any ship right away. Highlights:

  • All Race Cruiser V
  • Assault Frigs / Interceptors V
  • Pretty much perfect Missile and Drone Skills (Drone interfacing V)
  • Great support skills – Magic 14 100%
  • Perfect Fleet Booster/Support Skills
  • Cov ops + Scanning skills, great exploration toon
  • Perfect trade skills for max loot/isk return
  • Many high cost skills injected and trained
  • Can be perfect in Marauders right away using free SP – Golem/Paladin
  • +4 Implant Set + additional valuable hardwired skills for abyssal running (Gila)
  • Very Positive Zkillboard – 5to1 kill ratio (‘dangerous’ rating)

If you want a subcap pilot that can do it all and is trained near perfectly then this Char is for you – rare to find subcap pilots that don’t have a lot of waste or skewed skills. Open to bids, will set buyout at a very reasonable 75B. Bid with confidence, I have sold a few of my chars recently and transfer immediately once isk and account name is sent without issues.

As per character bazaar rules:

  • In NPC Corp
  • Docked in Jita 4-4
  • Positive Sec Status
  • No Kill rights
  • Positive isk in wallet

Bump and also char will continue training skills until sold

Start you out at 65b

Thanks for the offer, a little lower than I’d like for the char, any chance you could do 72b and can transfer right away?

74.3M SP now. Still available buyout Set to 72B.

72B offer to buy out

Accepted! Send isk and account name please, im ready to transfer.

ISK transmitted with the name of the account in the note.

Thankyou, transfer started, you should see char incoming on your character transfer screen of account management. Enjoy the character!

I see it incoming. Thank you for being so quick.