WTS 41m SP PVE Expert – Perfect Golem – Marauders V

Here for sale is in an awesome well-trained PVE char, well-rounded skills and able to fly a ton of ships, while being specialized/near perfect for a few key PVE ships.


  • Cruise Missiles V, Marauders V, C BS V – With excellent missile skills (most missile support skills V)
  • Near perfect Gila with great drone skills I was cranking out T4 Abyssals easy 100m isk per hour (T5 With implants)
  • Near Perfect social skills for max standing and isk+lp per hour
  • Nearly all shield skills V
  • Decent trade skills for higher loot/abyssal loot isk return
  • Good standings with multiple corps/factions - Level 4/5 missions available
  • +4 implant set, + hardwiring setup for t4 abyssals
  • Many expensive skills injected (Hacs etc)

As per character transfer rules

  • Located in Jita 4-4
  • Zero isk balance
  • I will pay transfer
  • Positive sec status
  • In NPC Corp
  • 2 Bonus Remaps available (current map perception and willpower)

Bid Start 40b – I will sell if a decent buyout is offered. This is a good char and can fly Golem near perfectly unlike many Golem chars which don’t train Marauders V because of the 30+ day training time. Perfect PVE char and a few skills away from being a great PVP and general subcap pilot.

40b. I’m returning from a 8 year hiatus, dont have a toon

Welcome back! I’m similar, around 10 years off and came back a few months ago! Thanks for the bid, right now I think I would sell at 45b which i think is fair for a very capable char with good standings for level 4/5 mission running.

Bump for a great char!


Thanks for bid Oriel, B/O set to 44b.

42b offer

If you can do 44B we have a deal?


Acceptance offer rescinded due to no response and better offer.

Haven’t send the isk yet?I bid 44b.

No response from Oriel so Heaoworld I accept your Buyout at 44b, please send isk and account name.

I have been sent you 44b,please check

Received, will start transfer shortly.

Transfer to your account started - you should see the character incoming on ‘transfer character’ in your account - please confirm. Thanks and enjoy!

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