SOLD WTS me [119m SP] PURE SUBCAP focus

No wasted skills
No industry
Never in player corp
Alright name
Access to L4 Caldari Navy
Very strong for a 2014 char, you will surprise many enemies in solo combat.

min bid: 100B
B/O: 140B

taking offers, I take hold the right to not sell if I’m not happy within the next few days.

108 bil

120 b

Ready to sell for 120 if no higher offers hit this thread soon. Please message me if you are still interested @Ryo_SK

Sure! I am ready. Very like this character. Do we have a deal?

yes. Let me just activate one of my other chars where I will receive ISK.

10 min pls.

Actually to be more accurate, I have to receive money on this char I sell, so I will just act ivate my other char for industry which was dormant for a while.

np, I will send ISK and acct information to this char.

ok, logging in to stop training and so I can transfer ISK, then I will initiate transfer and reply here.

ISK and Acct have been sent.

ISK received and character transfer initiated. Please check your transfer page and confirm here. Enjoy and thank you!

Confirmed. Thank you very much~

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