(SOLD) WTS Miner / Exhumer (9M+ SP)

(WARNING: The skill amount displayed on the EB is incorrect due to skill extraction, 5M of non-mining related SP were extracted (such as PI, transport ships, cloaking, etc.). Everything else (including core skills like shields and drones, etc.) is in place)


9M+ SP (Mining / Exhuming / Res. processing)

Positive wallet, no kill rights, high sec, etc. All rules apply.
I pay for the transfer.

Starting bid - 5b.

Will accept the highest bid on Monday.

As requested by several people, the link to a screenshot of a current skill page in game: https://postimg.org/image/7g7t248ip/

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5b bid.

5.5b bid


I offer 6b isk

6.1b Can you please provide a more up to date eveboard? Or perhaps use a different method to show skill list?


Added it to the 1st post. I hope it helps.

6.2b b/o

6.3b -------

6.5b !

6.6b !! Double exclamation points.

6.7b …

I accept your offer. Please send the ISK so I can initiate the transfer.

isk and account information send.

ISK and account info received. Transfer is initiated.

Thank you!

Dang. Was still on and willing to bid :frowning: The notification thing from new forum never popped up.

Sometimes life is a terrible bitch :yum:

Sorry mate :slight_smile:
I really wanted to close this auction before I go to sleep (and its about time).

Wish you would have given a last call or something :frowning: I stayed up on purpose.

Yeah, my bad prolly. You see its the first time I do stuff like this, but I tried my best to do things right.