WTS Exhumer Spec Toon

Selling this mining toon

Most drones skills to lvl 5
Engineering lvl 5
Resource Skills mostly lvl 4 and up
Shields Skills lvl 4 and higher
Mining Barge 5, Exhumer lvl 5, Mining Frig 5
Trade Skills 4 at lvl 5

Eveboard Link

pwd - 123456

Start Bid - 18Bil.

Buyout - When i’m happy

This character will receive the isk and I will be paying the transfer fee.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time and to accept or refuse any offer.

16 bil

I would like to come to a buyout offer on your char. Can we chat in game?

16.5 bill
send me mail ingame if you intrested

17 bil here

17.1 bil

18b buyout offer

Thx for the bids so far. Going to continue for a few more days yet.

Post still open for bids


New mining Skills have been added.
18 days till Reprocessng Proficiency is done then the mining skills can be trained :slightly_smiling_face:

Going to end Auction in 12hrs or so.

So far biggest bid is jinho yeom at 18b buyout and i will accept that.

im ready when aucion is finished let me know

Auction is now Finished.

Congrats jinho yeom.

money and account info sent.

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