[SOLD] WTS Minokawa and Apostle PILOT 45mil SP

Magic Spell Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

Security status 5.0
Currently NPC Corp
Positive Wallet balance
No Kill rights
Located in high sec - Jita
2 Clones in Jita VI - Paragon Fulfillment Center

Can fly both Minokawa and Apostle with T2 Triage module.
Jump Drive Calibration V
Cynosural Field Theory V
M/G Cruiser V
M/A Frigate V
Accounting V

Start at 42b

33 B offer

Thanks for starting offer, looking for at least 40b.

43b bro,let us finish this.

Accepted.Please just send isk to Magic Spell.

And please give me a mail with account name where to transfer. Thank you!

ok,im on it


Character transfer paid for and completed. Please confirm receipt of your new fax pilot at your earliest convenience. Thank you!


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