(SOLD) WTS - Recon Pilot ( 17M SP )

Looking to sell force Recon Pilot

  • Will have Positive Sec status when sold.
  • Will have positive Wallet balance.
  • Will be in NPC corp in Jita at time of sale
  • No kill rights

Pilot Link

Open to reasonable offers.


The Charakter you are Selling here, has to confirm with his own Forumsaccount that he is for sale .

I’m for sale

7.5b :grinning:

8 bil

8.5 bil

@Stronger_Trader Sold, if your happy to proceed with the trade can you please send ISK and account to Spectre Clone and I will process the Account Transfer in the next 10 hours.


Ok, i will send the account info and isk to Spectre Clone

Isk and account info sent

@Stronger_Trader Transfer has been paid for and is in progress. Thanks for your business.

@Cynogenz_Tobooran Character received. Thanks for your business.

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