SOLD - WTS Rorq / Industry toon - SOLD

47 million SP character with Rorq skills - Indy core 5 and training JFC 5 now.

In Jita, no bounty, 1 ISK in wallet, Sec Status 3.5.

25 bli

28 bil

33 B/O offer expires 2 hours

33.5 bil

35 bil

44bil ,can trade now.

sorry, i have bought the other account ,I have to withdraw my bid, sorry…

Still for sale!

36 bil

38 billion

If someone can go 40 bill, that will be great…

O.K. 40 billion.

Ok, SOLD to you Maizie.

Can you send in game mail and ISK and i’ll start the ball rolling.


not to be that guy but ill do 41b if this falls thru

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ISK sent, matching Isabella’s 41 billion. Sending account info by mail…

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Transfer has been paid for and begun - Thanks again!

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