SOLD Wts Sabre , svipul endurance and Orca Mining 10.3m

Not wasted point

  • Can use mining barge IV
  • Cybernetics V and 2 +5
  • Very decent trasher and svipul
  • notr wasted points

he is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

If interested answer here, i am not reading eve mail.

I’ll start the bidding at 3B

I am available for sale.

Whats the buy out?

Considering he have around 10.5 injectors, and two implants, and the 5 base … the extractor value is around 3.3b plus the character base

5.3 b buyout

Ill take it for 5.3 B

sold, sent me the isk and the account, i need around 10 minutes to empty his ships.

Info and isk sent

isk and account received, i transfer in some minutes and update the thread, transfering ships to other character.

Transfer done, please answer the thread when you receive the pilot or the ccp rel world mail.

REL mail recevied.

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