SOLD WTS - Skill Farm with extras

Sweet name if you wanted to bring him back to his former glory!
Was skilling him back into a Revelation
Not sure why Eveboard hasn’t updated yet but he has 5,194,133m skill points

Currently sat in +5 willpower perception for max skill injector yield.

Has 2 combat clones if you wanted to bring him back to life. specially for the duel rep Sac

Has a really good KB

Looking for around the 4b mark

Try using it updates every 3 hours. The xml api takes quite a long time

Thank you very much

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Someone bring me back to life!

Up we go



all offers considered, surely too good to kill completely

Up we go

To the top

Any Offers?

Last bump before killing it

1.5 b

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If that’s the best we got then to the meat grinder he goes


2.9B Isk ready now

messaged u in game

next offer of 3b or more gets it

My banker send you 3b one moment ago, and the acc name.

3.3b my offer )