SOLD WTS - Skill Farm with extras

(B0rn 2Pod) #1

Sweet name if you wanted to bring him back to his former glory!
Was skilling him back into a Revelation
Not sure why Eveboard hasn’t updated yet but he has 5,194,133m skill points

Currently sat in +5 willpower perception for max skill injector yield.

Has 2 combat clones if you wanted to bring him back to life. specially for the duel rep Sac

Has a really good KB

Looking for around the 4b mark

(Brock Khans) #2

Try using it updates every 3 hours. The xml api takes quite a long time

(B0rn 2Pod) #3

Thank you very much

(B0rn 2Pod) #4

Someone bring me back to life!

(B0rn 2Pod) #5

Up we go

(B0rn 2Pod) #6


(B0rn 2Pod) #7


(B0rn 2Pod) #8

all offers considered, surely too good to kill completely

(B0rn 2Pod) #9

Up we go

(B0rn 2Pod) #10

To the top

(B0rn 2Pod) #11

Any Offers?

(B0rn 2Pod) #12

Last bump before killing it

(Sisa Amatin) #13

1.5 b

(B0rn 2Pod) #14

If that’s the best we got then to the meat grinder he goes

(Cecil Soulblazer) #15


(Helix Dithis) #16

2.9B Isk ready now

(B0rn 2Pod) #17

messaged u in game

(B0rn 2Pod) #18

next offer of 3b or more gets it

(Inactive Seller) #19

My banker send you 3b one moment ago, and the acc name.

(GitaGita) #20

3.3b my offer )