SOLD WTS TWO female 4m characters ( cap builder, vni)

Hi, need free space for other characters, and want sell these three characters:

1 ) SOLD Sarah Kaplan 4.2m

Can use porpoise / orca, cyber V, mining V (400k SP without allocation)

2 ) SOLD Definitiva 3.6m
Can mine and BUILD CAPITALS. I mine with her a full thanatos in high sec.


all are in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet, all ccpr rules apply . i enter in a minute with them for validate identity.

Want 3.5b for each, i transfer with credit card, cant sell for less because the plex prices. If interested anwer the thread, not reading eve mail in any of the chars.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

frriday bump

ill take sarah kaplan for 3.5

sorry got a different toon accepted as i posted here gonna have to retract apologies

Three characters available, answer if interested., i stay with the browser open.

Mail sent about @definitiva

@Lisa_Evans answered.

The three pilots are available, saturday bump.

ill take sarah for 3.5bil

Yeah, offer accepted. Send the isk and acc name, i am logged bit away from keyboard.

isk sent for sarah_kaplan……. 3.5bil and info sent ingame

awaiting for toon

Tranbsfer done. Please confirm when you receive the ccp mail or the toon.


received email from ccp thank you

Sunbday bump, cap builder chr and VNI charavailable.

Monday bump

2.8 for definitiva

@mrpopper, ok but only because need very much the account space and Lisa Evans is late with her money. I go to Work now, please sent me the 2.8b and the account name, if Lisa Evans dont send me the isk in the next two hours, Definitiva is yours.

Already sent

Transfer Done.

The auction of the third character is cancelled, not need free space anymore.