SOLD WTS Vanity Alliance, six months old

Hi many of the players in my small alliance decide close shop.

Alliance name is SURSUM CORDA, near null zkillboard

Meaning Sursum corda - Wikipedia

Reason to sell it is because we go to meerge the existent corps in other alliance and disband the alliance look as a waste.

Mechanic :
1 ) You create a character to join one of the corps. The corp is the executor of the alliance. We leave the corp and you cab put the new corps later.

Interested answer here or in eve mail, but i am not checking too much the Character.

Hi,im interesed,mail me

i receive the isk anbd the invite to the character was sent.

Please answer the thread when you accep the invite and i left the corporation executor with the last character.

confirm alliance transfered

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