[SOLD] Zorya's Modules

They are 4.5b sell and 1.5b buy. I’ll offer you 2.5b

Prices have been removed. Place a reasonable enough offer, and the modules are yours.


how much for the rad sink

Around 7B. But you can create offer you want, and we can see if it’s doable for both sides.

Still waiting for offers. Added Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator the the item list. Heavy entropic gun removed (sold).

Sink placed at ca. 6B.
Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator placed at ca. 7.5B.

I’ll take the Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator for 7.5B.

OK. I will block this item for you for a day. Once when you log in-game, create a contract with wished item and 7.5B price.

Contract is up in Jita 4-4.


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