Best reasonable bid will walk away with this character!


Skills 40,187,094 (750K unallocated SP)
NPC Corp
Resting comfortably in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
No Kill rights
Suitable for pve, pvp; most skills to V already
+4s inside my head

I would like to see a 30b starting bid, but ALL serious offers will be considered. I’m not looking for a marathon bidding war. Make me an offer: I just might take it!

30 bil

Thank you Julian!!! I appreciate your bid…i’m gonna let that simmer

31 bil

32 bil

35 bil

Alright folks…I’m just about where I want to be on this to let the pilot go. Any final bidders?

Alright. Enough fooling around. First one to 38 bil can have this character!!!

Or best offer… :slight_smile:

Daily bump…anybody got 37bil?

Offer still valid?

33 bil


Thank you for your bid. 36 bil and you have a deal.

Zeeeee 36 bil bump

Julian…you still have 33 bil ready to go?

Yes, as long as my other bids aren’t accepted

33 bil…you win…please let me know who to transfer to once isk has been transferred

Sent isk and evemail with account name

ISK received…transfer request completed through EVE account management to the account you identified through in game email.

Enjoy, and thank you for your purchase.

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