I am for sale, Skillsheet

This Character really is a well rounded PVP Veteran

All Cruiser/Frigate Races lvl 5
Blops 3
Armor Comps to 4
Shield Comps to 4
Lots of support skills
Most gunnery and missile skills trained to a high level
Capital remote Armour and Shield repair
Nyx Pilot with supporting skills

4 jump clones in High sec. One clone with +4’s the other is a full High-grade slave set;
High-grade Slave Alpha
High-grade Slave Beta
High-grade Slave Delta
High-grade Slave Epsilon
High-grade Slave Gamma
High-grade Slave Omega.

Currently mapped to Perception / Memory

2x remap available

Yearly Remap 7 months from now

Positive wallet and located in High-sec

Starting price is 60b

Buyout price is 70b

60 bil here

Thanks for starting off the bidding. I’ll let this run until Sunday

Daily bump! All offers need to go on this thread but I will be online for an hour or so

61 Billion ISK right here. Funds ready to go.

Mailed you in game

62 bil.

Thanks for the bid! Online again now or you can reach me on discord Swathers#5841

Added a B/O for those asking ingame

67.5 Bil B/O, please accept and I’ll send isk.

B/O agreed ingame. Send the isk and i’ll start the transfer

Isk and account name sent in game.

Transfer Character

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Veo of Tama

Will be completed after: 4/7/2019 1:32:29 AM

Thanks again and fly safe o7

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