It has long been in the NPC corporation, Positive wallet, there is no right to kill, Security Status -2.33 the character itself is in the system Amamake Keepstar citadel,you can fly on the Nyx,Moros,Ninazu.

Gallente Titan Level: 5
Capital Ships Level: 5
Doomsday Operation Level: 5
Fleet Support Skills all Level: 5
Set: High-grade Slave

Start price 101 bill

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80 bil

Agreed in game with the price .

Price has been confirmed. as soon as isk is received, i will start transmitting the character

isk sent to Riddick 84 , information also

isk received

The character transfer process has begun.

Received CCP mail : Character Transfer Received

Dear xxxxxxx,

Another player is transferring the character Riddick 84 to your account named xxxxxxx.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on the sender account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

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