Pls delete (SOLD)

WTS my

no killrights
located in Jita 4-4
i will pay transfer

Gallente Industrial V --> can fly T2 transport ships
Jump Drive Calibration : IV
Jump Fuel Conservation : IV

Implatats for 1 B

Total Net Worth 320 M

Start bid …
B/O 8 B

6b b/o

6.5 bil


7 bil


7.5 bil

I accept your offer please send me isk to my character after 16 eve time I am able to send the character please in game mail send with the name of where to be transferred


Hi Tomas,

Thanks for that. I’ll send that isk over after 1600 eve time with account info a well.


Hi toman,

Are you able to post a reply on here for the character that is for sale stating that “he is for sale” Please?

Just to keep inline with the ccp rules

he is for sale

Isk and account information sent.

Thanks very much!

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