WTS 7mil Jita Trader/Freighter Pilot


Buyout: 6bil

Offering 4B

4.5 and we got a deal.

4.5B B/O accepted

PLease send isk and account name, i will arrange the xfer.


Seems the buyer has gone awol ;(

Still for sale.


Ill do 4.5b

Had fallen asleep sir still here and wills end NOW if the char hasnt moved

ISK Sent and eve mail coming with account info to transfer sorry about falling asleep


I dont see how 120mins made a difference tried to convo you…and sent funds

Ill do 5, this toon has what im looking for

at least you know if he does not send you the character he has to send you the isk back

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still for sell ?

Apologies, went fishing :slight_smile:

I agreed with you for 4.5bil, so i will start the transfer just now for you.

You need to send the funds to Scarlett Jay, not my alt character.

I’ve sent your funds back, please send to Scarlett Jay before i can request the transfer.


ISK re-sent just now sorry about that

Support ticket opened



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Just waiting on the character to show up I know it can take a a bit nowadays

Character received thank you sir