SOLD WTS Pilot frigate destroyer turret missiles 7m SP

I agree in sell myself with doomsday jay for 4.5

I hold my armor. The character is in high sec, no killing rights, have positive wallet, i leavr my corporation some minutesago, and have 6.95m sp.

i transfer as soon i receive the isk and account name.

The buyer dont answer in two days, was private sale. any interested ?

I offer 1.5B

that not pay transfer cost. Thanks but not. I dont understand why someone ioffer less than a transfercost.

offer withdrew

lol =P

Offer 3bil

4B B/O.
Ready to transfer ISK right now.

Acceot 4b, send the isk and account name and i transfer in max one hour.

Isk sent, account name evemailed

Received doing something in other account i transfer in an hour or less. Please answer if u want i travel to other part, currently in five jumps of jita.

I update when tranbsfer.

Transfer done, i was using a rechargable CC card and was forced to call the bank before.

Thanks for the deal.

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