Focused Mining Barge Pilot

Name: Sneaky John
Location: Jita
5,395,439 SP
Positive wallet
No Kill Rights
Remap 2, yearly In 3 months


  • Ocular Filter - Basic (+3)
  • Memory Augmentation - Basic (+3)
  • Neural Boost - Basic (+3)
  • Cybernetic Subprocessor - Basic (+3)
  • Social Adaptation Chip - Basic (+3)


  • Drones
  • CPU Management
  • *Electronics Upgrades
  • Energy Grid Upgrades
  • Power Grid Management
  • Industry
  • Mining Barge
  • Signature Analysis

Exhumers Skill book injected and more

Perfect semi AFK miner alt or skill point Farm

Buyout: 5 Billion ISK Now 4.75 Billion ISK

Bump and I reduced the price to 4.75 Billion

4.5 Billion ISK

Work for me, please send me the account name you’ld like me to transferred the character, as well as the payment. I’ll start the transfer in in the followings minutes.


Whiny Old Man

Agreed. I shall email you in game with the account details and send payment.
Thank you,

Payment & Mail with Account Info Sent.

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