I am up for sale

In NPC corp
located in Amarr
No kill rights
Positive Sec status
Positive Isk
no jump clones
High Grade Crystal set with supporting Zainou missle implants - plugged in
Neural Remap Available

I recieve the isk
25bill starting bid

Thanks for looking!

24B ready

Thank you for the offer I will be keeping this open until the 20th. Unless a buyout offer is accepted.

Bidding will stay open until the 20th unless buyout is accepted before hand

24,5 bil


25,5 b


3 days left I will accept highest bid at that time

2 days left highest bid will take.

1 day left

Auction has ended Neil this toon is yours, ill await isk and can transfer upon recieving it

isk send mail with acc info also send

Isk and account info received, Transfer started.

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