I am selling me!

eveskillboard -
password: 1234

1 remap available
no jump clones set up
positive isk wallet
no kill rights
Positive sec status
located in jita 4-4
All basic implants plugged in
3.37 faction with guristas/6.61 corp with guristas (as if this matters :^) )

this is a PLEX sale. Meaning the transfer will be done through a ticket to a GM.

Bid starts at 12b

Buyout: no idea. make me an offer.

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I’ll start you off.


13B, check mail


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where do you get a 30b b/o from???

his dreams most likely :wink:

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considering I have no idea how to price this, i just threw it out there.

~daily bump~

current top bid is from absolution virpio, in game of 15b. Will close within 2 hours.

Selling to Absolution Virpio for 15b. waiting on isk and account info.

isk and account info sent, awaiting transfer

isk received, ticket made, awaiting GM.

transfer completed.

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