My master has chosen to sell me.

He was intended to be a skill injected titan pilot. Over 8B in skillbooks. Those dreams are dead.

My information can be seen at: Manny Dingo

Positive Wallet

Clean Corp History

Neutral Sec Status

Located in HS

All CCP Rules apply.

All reasonable offers will be considered.


5 bil.

5Bil accepted please send isk and account info ingame.

6 bil?

Sale will go for 24 hour as of this marker. At that point I will either sell or cancel sale.

You accept my bid or next bid ?)

Newby I accept your offer of 5 Bil…send the isk and account info ingame.

Isk and acc name sent
wait for start transfer

Transfer initiated. You should receive the character in 10 hours. Please confirm receipt of transfer email. Thank you.

Confirm. Receipt of transfer email

Transfer complete. Can closed )

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