- SOLD -


General Stats:

  • Bonus Remaps 2
  • Unallocated SP 681,757
  • Located in High Sec Ryddinjorn
  • No Killrights

Skill Highlights:
Mining Drone Specialization lv5
Drone Interfacing lv5
Drone Navigation lv5
Drone Sharpshooting lv5
Drone Avionics lv5
Light / Medium / Heavy Drone lv5
Gallente Frigate lv5
Gallente Cruiser lv5
Cybernetics lv5

Reprocessing lv5:

  • Arkonor, Bistot, Crokite,
  • Dark Ochre, Gneiss, Mercoxit, Spodumain
  • Ubiquitous Moon Ore Processing

45b ok?

I’ll start bidding at 45b, for 24 hours. If no other offers, yours will be accepted.

Thank you!

@tomatotomato would you consider 50?

Not for the time being.

Thank you

@tomatotomato it’s been 24 hours.

If you would still like to offer, I will accept 45b as originally stated.

Thank you.

No problem 45b

— deleted —

@tomatotomato thank you. Offer accepted.

Please send isk and account name.

Transfer will be initiated using paypal.

Thank you.

whom should i send isk to?
my account is s282540338

@tomatotomato to @Sparkle_Pony

I will then transfer the isk off and initiate the transfer to your account.

Sparkle_Pony or Sparkle Pony Which one?

Sorry, the tagging is weird.

Please send the isk to Sparkle Pony.

I am going to bed, will initiate transfer when i wake up in 5 hrs if isk is received.

thank you

isk sent!

Thank you, ISK received; transfer initiated.

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