Ares Firestorm – 71m SP
A ‘Back-in-the-Day’ Nyx Toon. Also has Logi V and Full Nyx Clone (screenshot).

100% Perfect KB -

Skill Board -
Password: winning

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet, Positive Sec Status

Bids from 50b
Current Offer - 60b
B/O – 65b

Confirming I am for Sale.

60B isk offer

60B offer is current top offer.

I’d like to run this for several more days to see what other interest might be out there for this toon. Thanks!

Daily Bump

I agree B/O price
Please check Astraeus Svarog role mail and wallet ,and let me know when the transfer starts.

65b ISK Recieved, Character Transfer is now in-progress. Thanks!

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