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I’m for sale! Buy me… Meeko is broke

How much?

who is the indeed saller?taili_mara?

35 billion

Meeko Gloom is the seller, Tali Mara is my char

What is your offer?

35 Billion noted, will sell right now for 40

38b offer

40 billion

43b then

Who is actually online and ready to buy right now?

sorry,I need few hours to prepair the isk to do the transfer,if you agree 43b

I did offer qingchun a 40b buyout. If he does not accept in the 30mins. I will offer you the 40b buyout that will last for 4 hours.

Are you able to accept qingchun?


Send me the isk and account info ingame and I will transfer right now

40B has been transferred to you, please transfer as required

Isk Received