- SOLD -

Character Sold


Still up for grabs

bid 4b.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is NOT a cyno character. It USED to be. but Cyno’s cannot be lit by frigates. Only Black Ops, and Force Recons, and in some cases Jump Freighters.

hey thanks but my bubble is fine - If you read the info above i am covert cyno ready and currently training cruiser V with Recon Ships for standard cyno

Thanks for the bid, i’m hoping to get at least 5b for this character

bumping for bids - at this rate i’ll have cruiser V in time to transfer :slight_smile:

another bump

up up up

5B offer

if no one bids within 24h of your offer we will have a deal

Excellent thanks good sir

So deal?

@Facial_Wipe Hey sorry for delayed reply, yeah if you’re still interested transfer isk and send account name and i’ll start the transfer.

kk will do now sir

ISK and mail sent @Evar_Tonkin

@Facial_Wipe thanks, I have initiated transfer.

I Hope to finally see some action :slight_smile:

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