SOLD ! !!

Titan located in Basgerin’s keepstar
there is list of items:

Start price - 60 bil
Buyout - 69 bil

i ll make private contract with erebus and other stuff from evepraisal link on Basgerin - Vatican Freeport Popestar

write me with your price offers

Is the price with the fit included ?`

@Blue_Amber_Aishai I’ll take the ship and list of items for 69 billion ISK.
Please contract to this character.

contracted to ** Viridiana ‘Vi’ Sovari**

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Thank you very much, I’ll accept as soon as I’m home.

why you re reject private contract?

I sent you a detailed mail to the toon who sent me the contract explaining why.

ok. still sale

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale

ready to pay 60kk now.

ok. type name of your character for private contracting

to Sinii inei

I will accept the contract today until 14:00 eve or tomorrow.



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