Back for sale

Perfect Am/Cal puller;
Trig specialist, every ship but frigates with t2 guns;
Perfect scanner;
Great pods;
All t3 cruisers

All ccp rules apply, positive isks sec stat, no killrights, i’ll pay trasnfer with cc, so immediately, look at the skillboards for its goodies

Seriuos offers pls

40B offer

ty, extracted price is 41,842 B

43B offer

you just offered 48 bil for a toon that has only one more mil sp than me… businness is businness but…

The offer for that Character is off. Your Character is better.

I love your character,so,44B offer.

if you sell me,Please to reply me

44.5B offer

since no money has landed on my account, the first who confirms takes the toon


45B offer

Back for sale

Daily bump

Daily bump

46B offer

it’s a fair price, send me account name and money

still for sale ?

yes madam

what would be b/o ? please