This character is sold!

18 bil

Thanks for the bid but too low. Daily bump!

Daily bump!

20 bil



Bid Withdrawn - Tuesday is too long, will find another

Highest bid for the moment for @Drakeo_Hirashi with 24B.

Auction will end Tuesday 2020.04.07 at 18:00 Evetime

I can’t transfer any character because I’m actually not at home before thuesday due to little health problems. Sorry for that.

Sorry to hear. If I’ve not found a suitable toon before then ill rebid. Get well soon and stay safe

Sent you an in game mail

/!\ back for sale!! (thanks for your understanding)

Price edited.

24 bil as previously stated

@Drakeo_Hirashi due to my absence, I let chance to ohter to make price for a last day! If tomorrow you are the best price, I’m gonna sold this toon for you!

So this is the last daily bump!

Ok thank you

Sold for @Drakeo_Hirashi with 24B ISK. you can send ISK and account informations!

isk and details sent

Nice, ISK recieved, This character is on the way to your account! thanks and fly safe!

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