For sale is a Character with NO corp history and who can pull ALL of the Minmatar Level 4 missions!

Level 4 Security missions? check!
Level 4 Distribution missions? check!
Level 4 Mining missions? check!
Minmatar Epic Arc, Guristas Epic Arc, Angel Apic Arc, SOE Epic Arc? check, check, check, check

He also comes with the following bonuses:

  1. 5M Skill Points in useful skills. Can be a Skill Farm pilot and pull level 4s!
  2. Annual remap AND 2 bonus remaps available. That is a total of 3 remaps!
  3. 3 skill implants and the pilot is located in Jita 4-4.
  4. No kill rights
  5. 11 permanent skins, including a capsule skin
  6. A positive wallet balance, no need to dig yourself out of a hole!
  7. I pay the transfer fee!
  8. 20,000 unused skill points

Here is link to the pilot:

All EVE Character Bazaar will be followed. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Starting bid is 4b with a buyout of 7b. Auction will end on 11 July if the buyout is not reached!

I offer 3.5b

Bump! Still looking for a minimum bid of 4b!

Offer cancelled

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Still up for sale.

I have to cancel my offer, have found another character yesterday.

4bil offer

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3B offer

4b is the current high bid!

Still at 4b, ending soon!

Last call!

Back up for sale again! Last buyer ghosted.

still offering 3B



Almost done, bumppidy!

Upa bumpa

I’ll give you a 3.7 buyout

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Sold to Root Node! Please send payment and the account name you want this pilot transferred to.