Looking to offload two of my spare BPO’s:


Current prices:
120B for the Hornet. SOLD
130B for the Infiltrator.

Located in a safe system.
Will consider offers/haggling. Evemail / Reply here is best to get in contact.

220bil Hot-n-Ready

Hornet BPO has Sold.

Still got the infiltrator II Available.

I am considering selling all my drone BPOs:

Hammerhead II
Hobgoblin II
Warrior II

If I get a good enough offer these will sell aswell

In for 160 on the Warrior II

Or 420 for the warrior, hobgoblin, and hammerhead

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Bump to the top, still looking to get rid of the Infiltrator II BPO

Bump to the top. Buyout lowered for infiltrator to 130 <3

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