WTS myself

Hel/Nyx/Rorqual pilot - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Miner3_Enderas (Pass: 1234)

Max links, except for Infor (8d away)
Fighters V

Located in High Sec, positive wallet and security status. All CCP rules apply, in NPC corp.

Starting Bid: 40b
Buyout: 48b

39b offer

@Cai_Zhuanxu if you can do 40b I will sell to you

40b a bit expensive´╝îlarge skill injector price still down.

@Cai_Zhuanxu 39b works then. If you still want this character you can send Isk and account info and I will start the transfer

isk sent and account mail

Isk received and transfer started. Thank you!

character transfer info received, cant wait fly after 10hrs.

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