WTS 65m Nyx/Hel Pilot

As title, Gall Carrier V Minnie is IV currently 1 month to V.

Positive wallet, located in The Forge region in highsec Airaken top station, No kill rights, with jump clone in same.
Comes with a set of high grade amulets and +5 set.

Low offers are considered free bumps

Hey mate… Have you got a starting price in mind?

50Bil offer

thanks for the start

FYI, according to QNSA char is not in an NPC corp ready for transfer if purchased.

I am offering 55 billion.

56b final offer

57B offer

65B valid for the next 3 hours and then I will go with another deal instead if we can’t close this one out.

Accept, send isk and account name. Am just at work though so can’t start transfer for around 3hrs

Understood and that is fine. ISK sent with account name in the payment description.

Character sent, takes 10hrs I believe. Thanks

Thank you. I don’t see the email just yet for the transfer, but I’ll be heading to sleep and hopefully will awaken to the character in my account. I’ll let you know in about 10 hours.

Character received.