WTS 69m sp minnie / gallente char

WTS Jovana

Positive wallet balance, no negative records, in high sec // can fly caps // solid kb stats // no implants //

Start bid: 50b
BO: surprise me

All bazaar rules apply


50.0 b

The Pilot needs to be in a NPC corp.
But good looking character.

In game shows as NPC corp about 60 minutes ago.

thank you

55b, isk ready now

56 bil

58b, final offer!!!

Char is in npc corp, might have been some lag or something. Auction is open until I get somewhere between 60-65 or best possible offer for this type of char :slight_smile:

daily bump

daily bump


Almost there

60b buy out

Captian Jumper, accepted, send iskies and acct details for transfer in mail.

no response from Captian, sale open until same amount is offered or higher :slight_smile:

sorry I had went to bed, sending isk and info now

Info and isk sent

hello, am at work, will start transfer asap once im home, which is in about 3-4 hours. Brgds,

not a problem :slight_smile: