Allready done

35B pending until a character skillboard link

Starting bid is 40B

He has too many sps in shield for Avatar and no guns for Naglfar. I could do 37B if you would like to consider. Otherwise, a free bump is a free bump. :slight_smile:

Good pilot for 40B so I’ll offer that. But I gotta ask why both shields and armor.

My block asks for both.


40 bill

i msg you in game

ok 40 it is

41B :smiley:



CSQUARED I can offer 42 B


I can offer 43b

45 bil

46 bil

Lucas Cane 46 works for me, If you send the then I’ll start the transfer next time I’m on.


I will reply back once i get home from work so I can send the cash :slight_smile:

47 bil